Saturday, June 11, 2011

The weather!

What is with all this extreme weather lately????? First it's 1000 degrees out. Then it's thundering like crazy, and then it's raining and 58 degrees.

At the knit-in the other night there was a terrible thunderstorm -- but many braved the torrential rain and the hail (okay, they were sort of caught in it and didn't necessarily choose to drive in it to get to the knit-in). But as we left, we saw this:
How pretty is that?

I'm making good progress on my Budding Apple Shawl:

I think I'm 1/2 way (or a little more) done. It's hard to tell. But I really like it!

Yvette and Christine have been bringing beautiful flowers to the shop from their gardens. Here is Christine's most recent bouquet:
Thank you for helping to brighten up the shop!

Christine's felted wine box cozy (!), embellished with felted grape vine (!!):

Laurie's Baby Blanket from the Plymouth Encore 8-Hour Choices Booklet, and matching sweater:

Alison G's Peacock Shawl made with Periwinkle Sheep's w i n k yarn in the colorway "Alison G"!

Nancy C's lace scarf:

Stevie's Daybreak Shawl, made with Periwinkle Sheep w i n k yarn and a specially dyed yarn for Camp KIP, a knitting retreat she attended:

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