Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Mostly Show and Tell Post

Before I get to the show and tell, I wanted to show you this picture of everyone taking refuge from the heat at last week's knit-in!:

There have been so many wonderful projects being finished up! So much inspiration is gotten from the Wednesday knit-ins and the informal Saturday knit-ins. Everyone is so enthusiastic about what they are knitting and it's contagious....

Heike's felted clogs:

Pat's B4 Bag:

Nancy C's Market bag:

And her Shawl Collared Cowl:

Sue Z's Mukluk slippers:

And the beginning of her second stocking:
She designed the heart motif herself!

Stevie's ruffled wrist warmers made with her own handspun!

Kathy L's knitted sheep:

And her table-full of other finished projects!:
There is a stocking, a zippered cardi, market bag, Budding Apple shawl, Siesta Tee, and the short sleeved cardi made with the Noro Taiyo whose name I can't remember!

Patti's Luscious Lace scarf and leaf hat:

Florence's first of 5 Christmas stockings:

Millie's baby sweater made from a pattern in the 60 Quick Baby Knits:

And her Pebble Yoke cardigan and hat:

Nancy E's Traveling woman shawl:

Darla was also on a finishing spree:
Her own hand spun and dyed yarn:

...felted container:

....woven towel:

....woven scarf:

....and her woven placemat:

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Anonymous said...

Hey Liz,
The woven scarf wasn't mine, Linda was the who wove that beautiful scarf.