Sunday, July 31, 2011

The REAL last post

Ok, so I lied. That last post wasn't my last post. This one is!

Had to post this picture of the quote that's on the wall in the shop for my end-of-the-day crew on my last day at the shop:
Appropriate, no? It was a very exciting last day that I certainly won't forget. Tomorrow Deirdre takes over and there will be many more exciting things to come!

Also, had to show you the latest customer show and tell before I hand the camera over to Deirdre:

But, ugh! I forgot whose these are! Linda's? Sue Z's? I know they are made with a very pretty color of Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors sock yarn.....

Jan's Mukluk slippers made with Encore chunky:
She made both pairs between one knit-in and the next (that's only a week!)

Alison G's, now Sue Z's, In the Land of Oz shawl made with Periwinkle Sheep w i n k:
Sue commissioned Alison to make this for her, which she will wear when she goes on her cruise!

And here are Bonnie (I think?) and Tanner, Sue Z's dogs that Alison needle felted!:

Stephanie in her Brigid Jacket which she made during the knit-a-long:

Janell's most recent finished Christmas projects:
Traveling Woman shawl made with Periwinkle Sheep w i n k; Cedar Leaf shawlette made with Malabrigo Silky Merino; Multidirectional scarf made with Noro Taiyo

And finally, Karen with her "before" KGA's Blooming Felted Bag:
This class is being held in August is you are interested!

And, because it bears repeating and can be applied in so many ways:


Joan said...

I KNEW that other "last" was not really your last post!!!
As we all welcome Deirdre we are all so grateful the shop will go on and Liz will too!!!! THANK YOU Liz for three great years!!! And here's to MANY more with Deirdre!!

Jana said...

You know, I just got a little teary...
I second what Joan said. Thank you Liz. Welcome Deirdre!!