Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The week of lasts

This is the week of lasts - my last weekly email, my last Tuesday, my last knit-in, my last Thursday... you get the idea. And so, my last blog post.

Once again, I want to thank you all for your support of me while I've owned the shop. It was a fun, crazy, wonderful, rewarding, scary, rewarding, stressful, rewarding, rewarding, rewarding experience. I've met so many wonderful people, learned so much about knitting and knitters, knitted A LOT, had many many laughs (and a few sad times too). While I have decided to move on, which is the best thing for me, I will certainly miss many things. I'm glad that Deirdre wants me to come back and teach classes so that I can still stay in touch with my knitting peeps (I hijacked that term from Joan). Most of all I want to thank Paul, who has been so incredibly patient with and supportive of me while I took on this endeavor. I'm happy that I'll have some more time to spend with him. (He will be reading this, and you'll see why below, so, thank you Sweetie Pie. I love you very much!)

Now, on to my "regular" blog stuff...

Paul and I went to Red Robin (YUMMMM!) the other night because he had a gift card. Love that place. Especially the onion ring tower. Of course, we ordered that and when it was delievered to the table, I started laughing hysterically because this is what my view was:

I couldn't see Paul at all! It was so funny. I immediately got my phone out to take a picture, and Paul rolled his eyes and said, "Is that going on the blog?" (OF COURSE IT IS!)

Meanwhile, at the shop, Florence and Linda were taking the drop spindle 101 class!
Here is their yarn pre-steaming:

And post steaming:

And here is the progress I have been making on my knitting:
I finished the Christmas in July Knit-a-Long project, the Christmas stocking:

Love it!

And here is my progress on the Summer Wind pattern I told you about in the email:

I am using the Cascade Heritage 150 Paints. SO. So. so. EASY. And it's coming out quite lovely I think. And while this is the week of lasts, this is nowhere near the last of my knitting! Stay tuned... maybe I'll create another blog!

Linda's gorgeous woven shawl:

And her woven placemats:

Darla's ankle socks made with Encore:

And her hand spun, hand dyed yarn:

Christine's felted wine box cozy:

How cool is that?????

Florence's 2nd of 5 Christmas stockings:

You can see the 3rd one in progress in the upper right hand corner!

I've loved being able to showcase all your projects on the blog - you are all such inspiration for each other!


jana said...

miss you already...

Robin said...

a) don't tell us you won't be blogging SOMEWHERE! about SOMETHING
b) I am 8 rows into the Summer Wind scarf and am liking it
c)You have done a fantastic job with the store - "rewarding" often follows hard work and you did! I understand!
d) I miss you too!

Libby said...

I always looked forward to your blog posts! You have a real talent for communicating in this format and your bubbly personality always shines through.