Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend knitting and the Brady Bunch

I loved the Brady Bunch. I've seen every episode, probably a million times. I often reference the Brady Bunch or am reminded of a particular episode based on things happening in my life. For example, when I'm talking to participants who take the felted clogs class, and I'm explaining how to felt the clogs: "You fill your washer with hot water and add a little dish detergent. You add dish detergent because it is sudsier than laundry detergent, but you have to be careful not to add too much and end up like Bobby Brady." Anyone remember that one? He was trying to hurry up and wash his own clothes before his mom came home but put too much detergent in and the whole laundry room filled up with suds until you couldn't see him! Ha! Loved that one.

The other day, during the Constant Companion class, one of the participants made some sort of comment about "keep on, keeping on" and it reminded me of the episode where the kids were trying to make money by singing/dancing in a talent show. They sang this song that had the words "You've got to keep on, keep on, keep on.... something something something" (I've spent too much time already trying to find the lyrics on the internet...). I think that was also the one where Peter's voice started changing. I mentioned this episode to those that were in the store and even did some of the dance they did - not many people knew what the heck I was talking about.

Whenever I replace batteries in a flashlight, I think of when they went camping at the Grand Canyon and Bobby put hot dogs and beans in his flashlight to take to the Native American kid. And playing cards reminds me of when it was the girls vs. the boys in a house of cards building contest. I know, it's weird.

Anyway, the suggestion was made that I incorporate my knowledge/love of the Brady Bunch in to the store somehow. My brain is churning and I'll figure something out...

Speaking of the Constant Companion class, it went really well! I took a picture of all the bags pre-felting and will post it when I get to the store tomorrow. They are all so different and look great! We will likely offer this class again in the fall so stay tuned if you are interested.

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kbeth said...

What is scary is that I remember every episode that you referenced.

What about the one when Greg and Marsha were fighting about getting a bedroom up in the attic so the girls tried to scare Greg and rig a trunk with a ghost made out of what looked like plastic wrap? Yeah, its hokey now, but it saying "Air, I need air" as it rose out of the trunk terrified me as a little girl!!!