Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back from vacation

Well, it only took me two days to remember that I should change the message on the answering machine back to the regular message and not the one that says I'll be closed July 27. Not too bad. But, I still haven't remembered to get the pictures onto my computer from vacation. We had a great time - more details later...when I get the pictures up.

The flowers in front of the shop are not looking much better but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. However, the good news is that my curb appeal will improve anyway -- the porch is being painted and the carpet on the stairs is being replaced. Yay!

The knit-in was last night - a big THANK YOU to Yvette for guiding us through the process of fair submissions these past few weeks. She's been a big help. And good luck to those of you submitting your knitted, spun, felted or woven creations! Also, thanks to Mary for bringing in pie last night - yum!

I think I'm getting some backordered yarn in today -- check the website under "News" to see pictures....

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