Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Days Off Goings on....

Monday: Woke up EARLY to get to the dentist by 7:30am (have a cavity and have to go back in june!). Went grocery shopping. Got home and realized forgot to go to the pool store to get a new valve thingy. (Paul noticed the pool cover looked a little low and then found a leak in the valve.... the pool saga continues into the second summer...). Went back out to the pool store, only to find they are not open on Mondays. Went back home and finished the Waterfall Beaded Scarf:

Watched Dancing With the Stars. Enjoyed it, but these early shows are SO long. No favorites yet.

Tuesday: Woke up EARLY, AGAIN, to attend a small business seminar from 8-10am. It started at 8:15 and the guy was wrapping up at 9:00 but took questions until 9:30. Complete waste of time, except for making some serious progress on my hand-dyed sock:

Then was REALLY early for a 10:30 appt at Starbucks with the WAMC advertising person, so worked a little more on the sock and had a toffee nut creme and a scone (yum!). Went to the pool store, now open, only to have my debit card not work (ongoing saga in which they were to have sent me a new one three times now and keep turning my current card off thinking the new card has gotten to me). Stopped at bank, had them turn it back on and order yet another card. Stopped at the shop and cleaned the "SALE" sign off the window. Went home and tried to do some shop paperwork, but realized the paperwork was at the shop. So, I started my new project, the Picovoli tee, with one of my new yarns the Bebe Cotsoy:

I'm really liking the yarn. It is soft and nice to work with. I just wish I had more time to knit on my days off!

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