Friday, March 13, 2009

It's not always knitting help that's needed

So, there we were, me and my three sock class participants, wrapping up the class for the evening. Here are their socks in progress, heels turned, gussets worked and on to the toe!:
It's ten of 8:00, the door opens and in walks Mary Kate. I said, "Hi! What are you doing here?". She said,"I needed some help." And she said it so casually I thought, "Oh, well she just lives next door. She must have known I was here and popped over for help with one of her projects." Then she held these up:
FYI, these are NOT knitting tools. (sorry the pics are blurry - its a pair of pliers and scissors)
And she said, "I can't get out of my coat!"
Her zipper had gotten stuck, in the almost-all-the-way-up position, so there was no hope of even squiggling out of it or getting it over her head.
How lucky is it that I was still open????? So, we used her tools and freed her....
...with fairly minimal damage to her coat!
Meanwhile, Lisa, who was in the sock class (see the pink sock above - it's a little hard to tell in the picture but she knits very loosely and was joking that her sock was not for a baby, but for a 5 year old!) brought in some show and tell:
Her very cute entrelac purse made with Nature Wool Multy:
Another Entrelac class is scheduled for 4/26 & 5/3 if you'd like to sign up!
And her Noro striped scarf:
These scarves have been so popular. Such and easy pattern! You should try one.
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Nancy said...

That's hysterical.

emcknits said...

I understand completely. I have a coat that is doing that also. At least winter is almost over, so we can wear the lighter weight coats.

Joan said...

TOO FUNNY--Hi Mary Kate!! Ain't that Liz sumpin???