Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend goings on...

So much to tell! It was an incredibly busy week with the sale going on. Thank you to all who came to visit and took advantage of the sale. If you got a chance to purchase some of the new yarn, please let me know how you like it!
On Saturday morning, I went to the Cooperative Extension to teach participants how to do cables and to fix mistakes. Here is the group:
We had a great time. Some already knew what I was teaching and just wanted to come and be around knitters. There's Phyllis holding up her cabled afghan strip. Her mom (next to her - I'm sorry, her name is escaping me!) brought her felted bag:
Inside it, peeking out is a tribble that Phyllis made for her. It's a little srubbie facecloth thing. Really cute and, she says, easy to make. Here is a link to a free pattern:
And here is Erin (who recently learned to knit at the shop!) showing her ribbon scarf:
I had a lot of fun with this group! By late morning it was back to the shop...
Back at the store Saturday afternoon and Sunday, lots of show and tell!
Kathy finally felted her myriad of projects, her constant companion bag being one of them:
Made with Cascade Eco wool and Lamb's Pride Bulky. And inside of it were all these things!:
Her felted purse made with Galway and the felted sheep made with Lamb's Pride worsted. So cute!
Her felted pouches and toe-up felted Christmas stocking. Unfortunately the stocking had a felting mishap and felted together so you can't put anything in it. "Yet", says Kathy. She's working on a solution!
And her most recent projects:

The Double Knitted Checkerboard Scarf made with Encore, and the Branching Out Lace scarf made with Silky Wool. Beautiful!
Here is another Erin, wearing her beautiful sweater made with Cascade 220:
She came in with her mom and a friend and they spent a couple of hours browsing, chatting, having coffee and knitting!
In the middle of everything on Saturday, this very sweet thing across the street in the gazebo:
Laura had to move her car to make way for the ginormous limo!
After all the craziness on Saturday, Paul and I went to the NY Theater Institute to see "Yours, Anne":
A musical based on "The Diary of Anne Frank". It was excellent - I highly recommend it. Sad at the end of course, but really a great show. It runs through March 26. NYSTI's website is here for more info:
Stay tuned for Days Off Goings on....

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