Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation, Part 1

I'm posting about my vacation in several parts and hence, part 1: "The Ride Out to Geneva"
We left Sunday morning bright and early to go to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame. My grandfather, Norman "Babe" Young, was a professional ball player so we went to find some pictures of him. We got to Cooperstown at 9am and it was mobbed!
Who knew? On a Sunday morning? We drove by the Hall of Fame and there was a line 10 miles long. As we came to find out, it was induction weekend and everyone in the country was there to see it. (Jim Rice was being inducted - my sister LOVED him when we were growing up and watching baseball with my dad). So, we settled for walking around the town and having breakfast (and some fudge from the fudge store) instead of fighting the crowds at the Hall of Fame.
A pretty view of Otsego Lake:
Paul and me:

It's a very cute little town, but a little hard to enjoy with SO many people there. We'll go back another time, maybe off season.
Then we went up to Little Falls to find The Pincushion Patch.
Alice, the owner, had called me several weeks ago looking for some yarn and I thought we'd stop in since it was on our way to Geneva. She has a very nice shop with nice bright spaces for knitting.
And in the same mall area was Paca Gardens:
....a little shop with items from Peru as well as yarn made from alpacas raised on a local farm.
If you look very closely, in the window, you will see a Baby Surprise Jacket made from their alpaca yarn by Spinning Room customer Kathy L.! (She is a friend of one of the owners, Theresa). I bought some alpaca yarn but will have to post those pictures later....
We had lunch, then decided to take Route 5 all the way to Geneva. It made for a much more interesting ride than I-90. Along the way, we had a "Stop! That sign says yarn!" moment and had to turn around. It was Duck Flats Farm Fiber Studio in Elbridge, NY. Unfortunately, they weren't open so I just looked in the windows:

Looked like some really nice things in there, and it would have been nice to buy something local.
We continued on and got to Geneva around 5pm (after leaving the house at 8am!). Knitting done on the road: about 6 inches of my Terrific in Tweed Cardigan from Woodstock Knits.
A taste of the next post......

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Courtney said...

My aunt lived in Elbridge until about a year ago.... I can get you the shop's info if you want it... She still lives in the area.