Saturday, September 19, 2009

A beautiful fall Saturday....

It was a beautiful fall day on Saturday! The turnout for the Woodstock Knits trunk show was great --- thanks to Heidi for spending the day here. I finished my scarf from the Slouchy Hat and Scarf kit just in time :

And now the set is complete!:

Ok, so the blue head actually helps show of the ivory hat.... love this yarn. Kits will be coming to the shop soon!

So, remember how I said lots of sweaters were being knitted? Here is Diane's made in a beautiful shade of blue Encore:

And Sue's, made from the Ecological Wool by Cascade:

Nice and warm!
Shed progress is coming along nicely. The past week was devoted to the roof. Paul and I don't like heights so you can imagine how this was for us!

But on Monday we finished!
Now, on the to the rest of it....

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