Friday, September 25, 2009

More signs of fall.... maybe winter.

And a leaf garland. The mums are very pretty - they appeared in front just the other day. They will be even prettier when they are in full bloom. With the leaf garland and the mums, my sheep doesn't look so lonely. Thinking (again) of knitting her a scarf for winter. I said that last year and never got to it.... [doesn't that picture stand out much better in my new blog format/colors????]
A sign of winter....???
Angora. Mmmmmmm. So soft. Great for the beards on the Santa stockings.
And some show and tell:
Andrea's very pretty Branching Out scarf made with "wool of some kind":
Iryth's very adorable Baby Surprise Jacket and matching ruffled hat:

Elizabeth's very nerdy (her words, based on a specific request from her brother!) earflap hat:
And Sally's beautiful Waterfall Beaded Scarf made with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece:
More on the stuff I'm working on in the next post....

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Alicia said...

I love the waterfall beaded scarf. Can you tell me where to get the pattern