Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In a color rut???

This post is going to be dated for last week since that is when I actually started it, but I'm actually posting it on Wed, 10/21.....

I recently realized that every single sample I've knit lately is in the same color family:
Purples, plums, mauve. I absolutely love these colors but it would be nice if I made something in another color, especially if they are samples, so customers can see what things look like knitted up in something other than purple. I'll work on it.
Also, a couple of weekends ago, I had some visitors to the porch:
These are Janell's grand-puppies Lula and Gracie. Aren't they so cute? Janell makes them all kinds of coats to wear so they are VERY fashionable. They even have one that has eyelet trim - their Sunday-goin'-to-meeting coats!
Show and tell:
Annie's Double Basketweave Scarf made with Noro Silk Garden:
Gorgeous! She has had several co-workers "claim" it so if you see it on someone other than her, you know they kidnapped it!
And her very cute had made with Queensland Leche (a new, very soft yarn!):
I forgot the name of the pattern. I'm having post-Rhinebeck brain.... Annie feel free to comment (on the name of the pattern, not my post-Rhinebeck brain!).
Phyllis' Done by Monday afghan made with the Encore worsted:
She made this for her grandson and brought it to the shop for a picture before going home to put it on his bed as a surprise!
And Darla's felted clogs made with Lambs Pride:
So comfy!
Another post very soon about my adventures at Rhinebeck!


Nancy said...

Why is this post dated 10/13/09?????

Liz said...

It is dated 10/13 because that is when I actually started to write it, but did not "publish" it until today!

Nancy said...

Okay, okay... attention to detail is not my strong suit...