Saturday, October 31, 2009

Store Security

It was a beautiful day at the shop on Saturday. I had the doors and windows open because it was so nice outside. It's hard to believe that now it's November! Lots of fun to be had by those who came to knit for the day. Joan was leaving the store when Laura jokingly said to her, "You paid for your yarn, didn't you?" and Joan started making a loud "beeping" noise as she got to the door, pretending to set off the "store alarm". Oh my gosh. So funny. Never a dull moment when knitters hang out at the shop.
Thanks to Joan who watched the shop on Sunday so I could help Paul with the shed doors. I know, you are dying for a picture -- but I don't have one! While they are virtually finished, we "mocked" them up but then had to take them back down so Paul can paint them. I dare say the shed is basically done. Just a matter of hanging the doors, then putting all the shed-ly stuff in there.
Show and tell:
Laura's adorable Baby Belle sweater made with Encore:
Isn't the ruffle so cute?

Blanca's wonderful woven scarf, also made with Encore:
She made this after taking the Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom class!
Lois' Blooming Cotton Scarf, with an added crochet border to help prevent curling:
Looks beautiful!
I'm hoping this week to get in a bunch of yarn! Ecological wool, Tupa, Mini Mochi (new colors!), Rustic and more.....

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