Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What was I THINKING????

"I'm going to finish my hoodie for Rhinebeck." HA! Not happening. Despite my best intentions, preparations for Rhinebeck have included many, many things, but not knitting the hoodie.
Check out how many needles I can knit with though....

This is my thrummed mitten. For class, I was not done with the hand part before I needed to show the students how to do the thumb, so I used another set of needles. Looks like a porcupine!
Show and Tell:
Yvette's beautiful and elegant beaded purse:
Made for her friend's daughter who got married last weekend!
Cindy's beaded scarf made with Happy Feet sock yarn:
and her set of mini-stockings that she learned to make in a class here last winter:
So cute! (This class is being offered again, November 12, 6-8pm.)
Wilna's cashmere lace scarf:
So soft and pretty!
And Nancy's top down sweater made using a pattern from the book From the Top Down by Barbara Walker:
It fits her perfectly because each step of the way, based on the book's instructions, she tailored it to fit her shape! Very cool, and a beautiful color.
Off to work on my to-do list for Rhinebeck.....two more days!

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