Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rhinebeck 2009

Well it was my first time being a vendor at Rhinebeck and what an experience it was! First of all, what was I thinking when I said "I'll try to blog from Rhinebeck"?????? Oh my gosh, it was non-stop from the minute I got there, setting up, until packing up on Sunday. When I got back to the hotel I night I was so tired! No blogging.
Paul and I packed up the "house for the car"(aka, the car trailer) with all the yarn, shelves, kits etc. on Friday morning bright and early:
I know. Doesn't look like much. But it was!
Once everything was set up it looked like this:

Joan and Jane were there to help me on Saturday. And what a day that was! It was sooooooo busy - but so much fun. This picture does not do the crowds justice - there were A LOT of people there....
On Sunday, Yvette, Joan and Jane were there to help and it was a little slower. Paul arrived and Joan finally let me out of the booth so we could go have lunch and look around.
We found some sheep:

This one was smiling at us:
We ate a lot as usual..... kielbasy, peirogi, apple crisp, fried dough, cookies..... yum.
I bought one thing. A soft merino roving in Paul's color choice, a nice burgundy. I forgot to take a picture.
All in all, exhausting as it was, it was a great time. I think I'll go back next year.
(Thanks again and again to Joan, Yvette, Jane and Paul for all their help!!!!)


Joan said...

Well, you had me ROFL about "letting you out on Sunday"--You are too funny!!!! It was a wonderful time and lots of fun!!!

Karin said...

Yeah, the way I heard it they had to kick you out! lol
Your booth looked wonderful, you did a great job with it!!!