Monday, February 8, 2010

All kinds of stuff

First of all, here are some of my Knitting Olympics WIP projects, ready and waiting....

It's so tempting to just get started, isn't it? The aniticipation is killing me - I'm not a very patient person when it comes to things like this.

This past weekend was the beginning of the Wintergreen Mitts class. A pretty, stranded mitten worked on size 0 needles... here's what happened to Kathy:

Ok, my focus was not great - but one of her needles broke in half mid-row. She was unflappable though, and easily replaced it with a spare (luckily the Brittany's provide an extra just for this purpose - they are soooooo skinny!).

And look what Linda made for me:

A miniature yarn shop! In addition to being a knitter, she is a miniaturist. So adorable. I put it next to this little lotion bottle so you can get an idea of how small it is. Thank you Linda!

What I'm knitting.....

My finished Sniffle Mitts! I love them. The tissue pockets were a little challenging for me, especially since I took a short cut and didn't do the basting stitches. Next time, I'll do the basting stitches.

And I'm still working on the endless hat for Paul. I'm hoping to finish it today. It is one of those hats that has a neck part too - you pull it over your head and there is an opening for just your eyes. This was it will cover his nose and mouth and be nice and warm for when he is plowing. If he ever gets a chance to do that again this winter. We're supposed to get a few inches today but who knows if it will be enought to plow.

Speaking of which, the weather is supposed to be iffy around knit-in time, so if you are reading this during the day and are planning to come to the knit-in, give me a call around 4pm to see if we're still having it!

Customer Show and Tell:
Pat's scarf made with a very soft chenille-y yarn:
And here hat and scarf set made from the One Hour Scarf yarn; and her blanket made from stash yarn:
Nice and comfy...
Wilna's almost done Baby Surprise Jacket:
So cute!
Kathy's "A Noble Cowl" made with Louisa Harding Kashmir DK:
She was making this at the same time I was making mine! Beautiful and soft, too!
And Kathy's Pebble Yoke Baby Sweater and Hat, with Saartje's Bootees, all made with Sirdar Baby Bamboo DK:
What an adorable set!
Karyn's Capitan hat - a pattern from Ravelry:
Cute, huh? I forgot to ask her what yarn she made it from.....
Sue's beautiful Waterfall Beaded Scarf:
Sally's "Nancy's Scarf" made with Baby Alpaca Grande:
So soft! Robin will be teaching this class March 13, 9:30-11:30 - call me at the shop if you are interested in taking it.....
Sue's cowl made with handspun yarn she got in a swap on Ravely (yet another fun thing to do on Ravelry) and her Fetching Fingerless Gloves made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in the class here at the shop:
Lisa's scarf and hat made from patterns in "A Fine Fleece" with Cascade Heritage sock yarn:
So pretty!
Mary Kate's warm and toasty Thrummed Mittens made with Ella Rae classic:
She made this in a class here at the shop!
Patti's sock:
She working on the other one....
And Maryann's Double Basketweave scarf made with Mushishi:
Pretty yarn!
The Knitting Olympics starts in 2 days! For those of you taking the Ravelry 101 class, I realize that the opening ceremonies overlaps a little with class (they apparently are starting tv coverage at 7:30 ---- I had thought it was going to be 8 or 9), so feel free to bring your project to start casting on in class.....

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