Friday, February 12, 2010

Love-ly yarn

(Yarn picture from Romney Ridge Yarn Co.)

Saw this and couldn't resist sharing it with you. Happy Valentine's Day!

Ok, so the Knitting Olympics start today, in just a few HOURS in fact! It's so exciting. What's great about my picking to finish some works in progress is that I CAN'T WAIT TO FINISH MY WORKS IN PROGRESS! Usually I see them there and think "I really should finish that" but I don't feel excited about it. And usually there is something else I HAVE to get knit for the shop or a class. But now, I've given myself this challenge and my enthusiasm is renewed. I think I'm going to start by finishing my thrummed mitten, but I might change my mind and work on my hoodie vest. I've still got some time.... So, I'll be posting my progress as we go along and, again, feel free to comment here on how things are going for you. When you post a comment, you can just post as "anonymous" and you won't have to worry about a username etc.... If you want to leave your name you can put it in your typed comments.

What I'm working on:

I finally finished Paul's endless snow plowing hat however now I'm having trouble getting a picture of him in it. Yesterday wasn't a good day apparently, but today might be. As soon as I get it, it will be posted.

I started this Easy Bulky Sweater by Yankee Knitter Designs, with the Kids Rock (a new yarn! acryllic and therefore washable and dryable - perfect for kids things):

It really is easy and since I took this picture I've finished the front too (this is the back) and just started on the sleeves. Look for this as a great first sweater class in the next session! (I'm going have to put it down soon, though since my WIP's are waiting!!!!)

Customer Show and Tell:

Lynn's beautiful mobius cowl, made in the class here at the shop, with Noro Kochoran:

Kathy's shawl made with Kathmandu Aran using a pattern from the Friendship Shawls book:

Wonderfully soft, since the yarn has some cashmere in it!

Barbara's afghan made using the Learn to Knit afghan book by Barbara Walker and Encore worsted yarn:

She recently got back into knitting and used this book to help her learn some new stitch patterns. The book has 65 squares to knit but she chose 8 and knitted them each 4 times.

Stevie's fingerless mitts made with Malabrigo Silky Merino (a yarn coming soon to the shop!!!)

This is a wonderfully soft yarn - you'll see....

Happy Olympic Knitting!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn...great for Valentines day! Check out the The Knitting Olympics Athletes Pledge from the Yarn Harlot in today's blog post. It's a HOOT! Good luck to everyone. Can't wait to cast on my socks with those very, very tiny needles. Deirdre!