Saturday, February 13, 2010

Progress already!

Before the end of the opening ceremony, I had my first WIP finished! The thrummed mittens:
Full disclosure, I picked the project that I knew wouldn't take me long. I only had about 2 inches of the 2nd mitten and the thumb to get done. That's ok, though -- it gave me incentive to keep going.
Today, I've gotten one swirl out of 11 done on my Swirl Scarf. My plan is to try to do at least one per day in addition to the other things I'm working on.
Customer Show and Tell:
Sandy's fire breathing dragon scarf, made for her grandson:
How absolutely adorable is that??????? He's breathing fire!!!
Sheila's felted hat made with Noro Kureyon:
And Lois' TWO cowls that she made after taking the Mobius Cowl class last Sunday:
She's working on her third now!
How are YOUR olympics projects coming along?

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Steph said...

I'm doing ribbing on my second sock! Yippee!