Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Yarn Shop Visits

On Valentine's Day, Paul and I went back to Geneva, NY and Seneca Lake for an overnight trip. We stayed at the same hotel, The Belhurst, but had a different room... it was called The Carriage House and it was it's own little one room building:
Very cute and comfy.
We sat at the bar again to have dinner:

And had this nice view of the lake:

A nice, relaxing day.

On our way out we, of course, stopped at some yarn shops. Paul, in doing his usual internet search for shops (his job when we go away) found:

In Ithaca. Their customer, Connie Chang Chinchio, is a featured designer in the most recent issue of KnitScene (which I hope to have back in stock today - it's a GREAT issue and flew out the door!). So, of course I had to buy some yarn:

Rowan Felted Tweed.

To make the Tudor Henley pattern that Connie designed from the magazine:

Knitting Etc. was a very nice shop with lots of yarn. They had a nice big table in the middle of the store for classes (a crocheted afghan class was going on when we were there).
Almost forgot, I also got these cute stitch markers made by someone local:
Then, as we made our way along to Geneva, we stopped at Finger Lakes Fibers:
In Watkins Glen. Also a nice shop! The owner was there as well as an employee and they were both very friendly --(I forgot to get a card and forgot their names!)-- and they were both familiar with Altamont, promising to stop in the next time they are in the area. The owner of this shop owns another shop, Green Mountain Fibers, in Rutland, VT and previously owned, but just closed, Needleworks Fine Yarn in Greenwich, NY.
I found these goodies there:
Anne sock yarn by Schaeffer and this very cute Dream in Color Tulip sweater kit!
Knitting Olympics Progress:
I'm getting a lot done! The car rides were very helpful and I got my hand-dyed socks finished (I had needed to knit the second sock and I got that done in two days.
This is the yarn I dyed used the Louet Sock Dyeing kit. So much fun! I'm going to be scheduling another class on this in the next session.
I've also gotten another swirl done on my scarf. I'm trying to do one a day so it won't seem overwhelming having to knit 11 swirls (thanks to Trudi for that suggestion). And I'm making great progress on my Heather Hoodie Vest. Got the hood done. Now I just need to do the sleeves (short) and pick up 258 stitches for the button band/hood band.
I was dying to start something with my new yarn, especially the Tudor Henley, but I restrained myself.
And, finally, here is a picture of Paul in his snow plowing hat:
He insisted on the sunglasses. It's a little big/loose so my plan is to soak it and then put it in the dryer for a little bit (fingers crossed). It snowed yesterday, and he plowed. BUT, it was apparently too warm for the hat (34 degrees). Not sure what the threshold is, but hopefully he'll get a chance to wear it before this winter is over.

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