Friday, August 1, 2008


We had a great time on our vacation in South Yarmouth on Cape Cod. We crammed a lot into two days but we had a really nice time and the weather was great. Because we did everything last minute, we got a hotel room on We got a good rate, but of course, you get what you pay for... a small, "inside" room with no windows! It did have a skylight which was covered over except for one small square (2 inches) cut out. And the light that shone in that very small square in the morning was directly in our eyes. It really wasn't too bad. The hotel had just been renovated and everything was new and clean. After a few minutes of panic - where do we jump from in a fire? Running out in the hall to find the nearest exit- I calmed down and was okay.

Here is what we did.We went for two bike rides on the Cape Cod Rail Trail:
Very pretty rides. The rail trail is 26 miles long, but we did about 12.

We visited the Adventures in Knitting Yarn shop in Harwichport. It was a very nice store and has been in town for over 30 years. They recently moved to this new location, inside a small mall area on the main street:
I puchased a yarn called Sheep Shop which is a very nice hand dyed yarn. I thought I'd knit with it and then decide if it's something I shoudl carry. Adventures in Knitting is located at 554 Main Street, Harwhichport, MA. Check our their website here:

We went on a scenic train tour from Hyannis to the Cape Cod Canal. It was a little warm, but overall a very nice ride and very informative. We went by cranberry bogs and had some nice views of the sand dunes and the boats on the Cape Cod Canal. :
We also went by a power plant, which my husband, being a man and more significantly a mechanical engineer who works with the steam turbines that run power plants, had to take a picture. So, I share that with you, too:

Neat huh? (it's okay if you don't think so)

We went to a really yummy seafood restaurant called the Lobster Boat:

We sat right next to the window and had a nice view of the Bass River and the boats. Yummy baked stuffed shrimp! And good bread.
We also spent a little time at the beach. We rode our bikes on the rail trail to Coast Guard Beach in Eastham. (First we drove to Orleans - if you are familiar with the Cape, you know that S. Yarmouth is MANY miles from Eastham and would be quite a ride):

We agreed that it was too short - what vacation isn't?


emcknits said...

I love your pictures. I am glad you had a good time. I completely understand about the picture of the power plant. My dad is always pointing those out. It used to be a race to see who in the family noticed the power plant/substation first.

Harriet said...

Great pictures. Looks like a lovely vacation. My husband and I spent a week in Wellfleet in June, and got to many of the same places you did: Adventures in Knitting in Harwichport, Coast Guard Beach in Eastham. Too bad you didn't get over to Yarn Basket in Eastham, lovely little shop, or Ladybug Knits in....Dennis?

Come on over to my blog (www dot writeknitspinohmy dot blogger dot com) and look in my June archives for pix and details from our week on the Cape.

Oh, and I'll be coming by the store soon, to use your ball winder to wind up the first skeins I spun on my Sonata (Egads! I love that wheel!!!)

kbeth said...

Glad you guys had a great time! Steve and I go for a long weekend every year and stay at a great B&B in Yarmouthport. We also go for bike rides on the rail trail...usually starting at the beginning and riding out 15 or so miles and back of course. We did the entire thing one year...that was a LONG ride!

Never have hit any yarn stores although we do normally hit the baseball store so that I can look at good Sox gear!