Friday, January 23, 2009

Just when you think you're making progress...

I know you all can relate.... I woke up EARLY this morning, thinking I'd give myself an hour and a half to work on my crocheted beach bag. It's been going along so slowly because I've only had a few minutes here and there to work on it. So, there I am, on the couch, crocheting, with the morning news on, and I decide to check and make sure I have the right number of circles in my row. I was FOUR short! I had to rip back about two of my three inches, since I apparently lost them gradually. Ugh. In my frustration, I proceeded to make the ripped out yarn into a huge tangled mess which took quite some time to undo. So much for my hour and a half. Now I'm counting after every row.

So, at the store today, I decided instead of working on the bag, to finish crocheting the edges around my granny square scarf:

It looks great. I just love it. I'm going to wear it all the time.

I also meant to update in my last post about the sock dyeing class. It was great fun and I'm waiting to see the final products (participants had to take the dyed yarn home to microwave, rinse and dry). Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. And that was after having Paul rush down to the store with batteries for the camera! I have a terrible habit of leaving the camera plugged into the computer and letting the batteries drain. However, I did go to BJ's and got a 48-pack so hopefully I won't run out for a while.
I finished my Valentine's window today:
Just a little something to keep things lively during this long winter. Especially since today they came to take down all the lighted garland from my railings!

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