Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year craziness

It's been a really crazy week with lots going on. The store was busy, life was busy. Today's fun? Dealing with Mandy and the pieces of the dog bed she ate....last week. Dogs are a mystery to me. Why, why, WHY do they eat things that aren't food? It only makes them throw up. Then they eat their throw up and it's a vicious circle. Sorry if that's disgusting -- it's just been that kind of day. Which started at 2am when I had to take her out to do her business (I'll spare you THOSE details). Now I'm worried she'll have some sort of blockage, so I have to monitor her "business".

Anyway, on to shop stuff. Finished the Baby Surprise Jacket I was working on while I taught the class:
I'm sending this to my best friend's daughter, Stephanie. She is adorable and will look even more so in this. Speaking of those cute little flower buttons, I realized I forgot to count the buttons during inventory. Put it on the to-do list.
I also finished the store sample of the Irish Hiking Scarf, made with Kathmandu Aran:

I'm expecting a big shipment of yarn today - Ella Rae Classic, 100% wool. It will replace the Plymouth Galway and apparently felts really well. My big dilemma will be where to put it - I see another store re-arrangement coming!

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kbeth said...

Lupe does the same thing...but it usually involves eating tissues or other stuff from the garbage. I've solved that by only having trash cans with lids in my place. She's never eaten her bed. So, I feel your frustration!!!

Love the Irish Hiking scarf pattern, it was my first project with cables and was SO easy to do. Gave it away to someone, maybe its time to make my own...hmmm...