Monday, May 25, 2009

Bowling Green, Kentucky Road Trip

A guest post from my husband, Paul!:
While attending the Buick GS nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky I couldn't help but do a quick internet search to see if there were any yarn shops in the area. As luck would have it, there was a shop no more than a mile from the hotel. I made a call to Liz to ask if there was anything specific I should look for and after a brief discussion, I now had a list of items to look for. I convinced the other guys in my party to stop at the yarn shop one evening on the way to the hotel from the track. Of course they would not go in, so they headed next door to peruse the pawn shop and smoke cigars while I entered the Crafty Hands yarn shop (
I was immediately greeted by the owner and after explaining why I had come in, she was more than happy to help me find all of the items on my list. We discussed both stores, items in each store, classes, knit-ins, notions, etc. as we walked throughout the store. This was the owner's 13th year and 2nd or 3rd location, expanding the size of the store with each move. There were a lot of names I recognized while browsing the store and many I had not previously seen. I picked out several skeins of sock yarn - as instructed.
I also added The Spinning Room to the weekly email list that is sent out from Crafty Hands. Just as I had paid for the yarn, I was immediately hurried out of the store by my buddies for fear that we would be seen spending too much time at the yarn shop and not enough time with the rest of the guys. We immediately headed to the local tobacco shop to peruse their wares...
The dragstrip I attended (Beech Bend Raceway) is set on a large farm as evidenced by the numerous 3 and 4 board fences that line the roads around the track. A large number of animals were within a couple of hundred feet of the track including what looked like llamas, goats, sheep, horses and cows.
I wished I had gotten a picture of it but there were several goats climbing on top of a long row of empty 55 gallon drums sitting in the middle of one of the pastures - quite amusing.
If anyone is in the area, I would recommend stopping in to visit the Crafty Hands yarn shop. The owner was quite friendly and helpful, despite the appearance of this visitor and his entourage.


silverbear said...

you were great, paul , to take on the yarn shop!! it was very generous of you to do recon for liz! we love you for it!!

Karin said...

Paul you are a keeper for sure.
Very nice post!!! (you do realize this is only the beginning? Your buddies better get used to the idea that you have to duck into yarn shops wherever you travel from now on...)

Nancy said...

Great post - thanks for keeping it "knitty" although I would love to hear more about the actual drag racing...