Thursday, May 14, 2009

What the heck is that?

I found this on the garage yesterday. Please feel free to comment if you know...

Also in the yard this week.... beautiful flowering crabapple trees!

My projects in progress are going slowly, but getting there. I haven't had too much time to knit lately :(
Here is my almost done Einstein Coat from The Knit Stitch book:

This picture makes it look like a much brighter red than it actually is. Just needs the collar and buttons and it's done! It's turning out shorter than I expected and i'm not really sure why. I like it though.

Also, my toe-up two socks on one circular using the Monkey pattern from, with The Periwinkle Sheep sock yarn in Fresh Lavender:

I love, Love, LOVE this yarn! So nice to work with and the colors are beautiful. There are so many beautiful colors. See them here: or in the shop.

Also, some show and tell:

Ann's Baby Surprise Jacket using doubled Sockin' Sox yarn:

So cute, and great buttons too!

And Elizabeth's very comfy looking short socks made with Cascade Fixation (cotton/nylon blend):


Joan said...

Looks to me like the attack of Mothra!!! Someone will undoubtedly know its real name but looks like a giant moth to me!!!

missjt1 said...

Scroll through the pics on the site and you'll see yours...

Karin said...

Liz thank you for featuring my yarn. You are too kind.

I will dye you some more of that color this weekend so you can have it on hand when knitters want to make the same socks as you, and bring it over on Thursday afternoon. (Please let me know if you are taking orders for it.)