Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lots going on...

Lots going on these days --
I'm working on the July/August/September schedule --some repeats of classes that have been popular (including several sessions of the Waterfall Beaded Scarf) and some new projects (felted backpack, socks with patterns). Time is flying by - it seems as if I just put out the current schedule!
Knitting knitting knitting: I'm just about done with the Einstein Coat (just needs buttons). Still working on the Estonian Lace scarf (need a quiet moment to pick up all the stitches around the border) and the Monkey socks from Knitty. Finishing up the Logan River Wrap that I started months and months ago.
Yarn rep visits: All the reps are coming and I've been looking at all the Fall yarns. Some great stuff coming!
Yardwork: Cutting down trees that were damaged in the ice storms this winter; draining the pool to then dismantle it (Yay!). Avoiding all the critters that come out in the summer -- I took the dog out last night and had to get past two june bugs, a spider and two toads first!
Show and tell:
Nancy's beautiful dyed Happy Choices sock yarn:
She took a "blank" (natural colored) scarf and dyed it herself! She's going to wear it as a scarf for a while and someday will knit it into socks.
Lauries lace scarf made with Silky Wool:
Laurie took the beginner's lace class and this is the result - gorgeous!
A reminder that the shop will be closed this Sunday, May 24 for the Memorial Day holiday.
Stay tuned for a guest post from my husband (who turns 40 today! Happy Birthday Paul!) and his adventures at a yarn shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky....

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