Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

(Ok, so this is a little late.... I actually thought I had already posted it! The date says I did, but it was actually sitting there, waiting for me to press "publish". Argh.)

I had an extra day off this weekend and it was nice. Paul and I went to the track (Lebanon Valley) for Musclepalooza. I know, sounds strange to those who aren't drag racing fans. There was a drag racing event as well as a car show. So many people there! We got there at 7:30am and left at 7:30pm. Here is what I did:

See my socks hanging there on the blue chair? Got my beverage, got my knitting, got my book. That's all I need. It was a very relaxing day. Oh and I also watched Paul race. Here he is doing a burnout...

There really is a purpose to a burnout. (Most people's experiences with a burnout is when someone annoyingly does it to show off their car which they think is "all that" -- and most of the time it's not.) It heats the tires up so they grab the pavement better.

And here he is at the starting line...

Unfortunately he was out after the first round, but it was a fun day.

On Monday, Memorial Day, we had my brother-sister-and-mother-in-law over for a little cookout and some destruction:

Yay, no more pool! Just a big hole to fill in.

Overall, a nice holiday weekend!

Here is some show and tell:
Mary Jean's Picovoli tank, with a beautiful crocheted picot edge...

She used the Cotton Rich DK, a perfect yarn for this summery garment!

Kathy's adorable Baby Surprise Jacket made with an alpaca blend:

And her Noro Striped Scarf:

Beautiful colors!

Mary's wonderfully soft Nancys' Scarf:

And Laurie's beautiful Branching Out Lace Scarf made with Silky Wool:

Paul's post got a great response and he may continue to be a guest blogger now and then, presenting the male/non-knitter point of view!


Nancy said...

where is Mary Kate's Linares scarf? It is too beautiful to leave off...

Liz said...

It's coming! Stay tuned for the next post...