Friday, May 8, 2009

Fashion Show-and-Tell tonight!

The 2nd Annual Fashion Show-and-Tell is tonight at 6:30 --- knitted/crocheted/spun/woven projects to see, munchies to be eaten, and door prizes to be won. It will be great fun so please come down! (and thanks to Diane who made a call to the Enterprise to tell them the "breaking news" about the Fashion Show....since I forgot.)

Last night was the sock yarn dyeing class and it was so much fun. Of course, I forgot to take pictures (I'm seeing a forgetfulness trend...hope that doesn't happen tonight!) but Nancy, Nancy, Lisa and Laura made beautiful sock yarn with pretty browns, blues and reds. Stay tuned for their finished socks! In the works - doing these classes on a more regular basis....

A show and tell from Wednesday's knit in:
This is Jan, who really wanted me to take a picture of the back of her Baby Alpaca Grande shrug because she thinks it's so pretty (and she's right!):
This is made in a pretty blue (this picture makes it look gray). Maybe you'll get to see the front tonight!


Karin said...

That fashion show was so much fun! So much talent in one place!! Amazing. And you have the talent to bring it all together. Kudos!!

Nancy G said...

The fashion show was very inspiring. The pieces that were shown were amazing. Maybe for the next fashion show, there could be a special prize for the most # of handmade items to come out of a handmade bag. Thank you everyone who modeled/showed their creations and Liz for hosting such a wonderful event.