Monday, June 8, 2009

Red and overflowing Part 2

My landlord stopped in on Saturday to say the flowers just weren't right so they were going to be re-done:
On Sunday, these appeared:
A little more red, a little more overflowing. I happen to see the woman putting them in and we had a little conversation about the red and overflowing request. She indicated that these would in fact grow up and overflow more. Still not sure that my landlord will like it.
As I was closing and taking in the flag on Sunday afternoon, another woman came up to me and here was our conversation:
Woman: "Excuse me, where did the boxes go?"
Me: "What boxes?"
Woman: "The flowers."
Me: "Oh, they came and took them and replaced them with these?"
Woman: "Who did?"
Me: "The people who brought the first ones."
Woman: "I didn't replace these."
Me: "Oh."
Woman: silence
Me: "Huh."
Woman: silence
Me: "I guess you'll have to talk to my landlord about that. Do you have his number?"
Woman: "No.".....silence. Turns and walks away.
Apparently she is the bearer of the first batch of "red and overflowing" and was not approached about re-doing them. I felt bad.
Meanwhile, the Lace-a-long drew a nice group for the first session. Thanks again to Stephanie for the idea and who came with two week old Zachary - so sweet! Some beautiful lace projects were started. Some beautiful projects already in progress too. Join us when you can. Every Saturday, 10:30-noon through a date in August I can't remember right now but will post again.
Show and Tell!
Nancy's Happy Choices socks (knitting your sock from a dyed scarf):
See the little strip of yarn on the left? That's what she had left of the scarf.
And her own hand dyed scarf and sock-in-progress:
Aren't the colors beautiful????
Pat's beret made with her own hand dyed sock yarn (made with the Louet kit in the class at the shop!):
Nancy's Picovoli tank, made in the class at the shop:
Beautiful! Stay tuned for the "final" product (she's going to put a picot eding on it!)
Trudi's Textured Circle Shrug made with Frog Tree Merino Melange (a yarn I don't have but comes highly recommended for me to look into getting!):

LOTS of oohs and aahs over this at the shop on Saturday, leading to a conversation about having this as a class. It's knit in the round - no seams!
Off to enjoy my days off!


Pat W said...

Liz, I should have mentioned - the pattern for the beret is Reverie, from Spring 09 Knitty. Thanks for taking the photo of it!

Nancy said...

Trudi's sweater is beautiful.