Monday, June 22, 2009

UFO's and FO's

I don't know if you've noticed, but I haven't finished any knitting projects in a long time. The past few weeks have been busy at the shop and at home. I've hardly knitted at all (literally a couple of stitches here and there) and I've been missing it. So, this past weekend, I finally got a chance to get knitting again. I'm coming along on my Spring Fling Cardigan. Finished the back and one side, and started the second side. Got a little more done on my Monkey socks with The Periwinkle Sheep sock yarn.
But, here's what I knit up on Saturday:
I started it AND finished it on Saturday! Truly a quick knit. This is the Thorpe hat which you can find on Raverly . I will be scheduling this as a class coming up too! Has some new things to learn including starting from the top and adding the crocheted border. I used the Peru chunky yarn by Katia, which is wonderful to work with. Feels nice and squishy and comfy on my head. You can't really see it in this picture, but I added a little braided tassel to the top, which is not in the pattern. Just thought it needed a little something else up there.
I also started the Bella's mittens pattern, also from Ravelry I've gotten one finished and started the second. They are long mittens and go about half way to the elbow, with a stunning cable. Thanks to Laura for showing me this beautiful pattern. This will also be an upcoming class!
It feels good to be knitting again.
Also, a sure sign of the charm of small-town Altamont:
A chicken promoting the chicken BBQ fundraiser for the library. That's dedication - it was raining!
Finally, some show and tell:
Laura's wonderfully soft and comfy 8-Hour Baby Blanket in the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran:
She said it really did only take 8 hours!
Annie's colorful socks made with Regia sock yarn:
These are for a favorite 4-year old friend of hers.
And Nancy's finished Picovoli!:
You saw this last without the edging. She learned to do a crocheted picot edge and loves the results!

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