Friday, June 12, 2009

Stellar teaching moment

Yesterday was the first of two classes for Socks 101. In this class, participants learn how to cast onto double pointed needles and knit in the round. As many of you know, this can be rather tedious becuase there are so many needles to keep track of and you just feel like you are all thumbs.

Sarah, one of the participants, was a couple of rounds along on her cuff, when I noticed that the tail of her yarn was very long (about 18 inches). Seeing an opportunity to make things a little easier for her, I offered to cut her tail: 1) so it wouldn't get tangled in her working yarn and 2) so she wouldn't knit with it. She agreed. I got my scissors. And proceeded to cut the working yarn going to the BALL!!!!!! My heart sunk as I said "Oh my gosh!". I couldn't believe I did that.

Sarah so graciously said it didn't matter and she just wanted to tie a knot and keep on going. I offered to re-knit what she had done, without a knot. She said it was fine, just a practice sock anyway since she was just learning. She continued with a knot but then about two rounds later decided to start over since she realized she was doing the seed stitch instead of ribbing. I felt much better knowing the knot wasn't going to be in there.

Can you believe I did that?????


emcknits said...

I have done that too. Easier to do then you would think.

Sarah Spencer said...

OMG! You did post this! Looking forward to finishing the sock in this weeks' class :)