Friday, December 18, 2009

The final push

Christmas is a week away (don't forget, the last shopping day at the shop will be Wednesday, Dec 23 10am-6pm!). I have no idea where the time went. Paul and I are still putting out the decorations at the house (at this rate, they won't be up very long at all). And I of course waited too long to call Altamont Country Kennels to board Mandy over the holiday since we'll be in and out a lot. They're full in case you were wondering. Luckily, Weston Kennels (Eileen and Chris Testo) in Westerlo had a spot for her! We aren't done with our gift shopping either. So, we decided we'd go get it done this Sunday at 2pm after the shop closes. It probably won't be TOO crowded then, right? HAH! But we have a plan. We have a list. We know the stores we're going to. We're prepared for it to be crowded, so that won't annoy us (yeah, right). We'll get it banged out quick, quick, quick! I'll let you know how that works out.

Then there's the preparation for the family party - I'm making eggplant, mozzarella and prosciutto roll-ups drizzled with balsamic syrup. Oh. My. Gosh. So yummy (got the recipe from Emeril a zillion years ago). And pigs in a blanket. Also yummy. And wrapping presents (we got my nephews this really cool metal detector - I hope they love it because I think it's cool and would kind of like one for myself!). Somehow it will all get done and then it will be nice to relax and visit with family!

Show and Tell:
Dierdre's Double Knit Checkerboard scarf made with Cascade 220 at the class here at the shop:
Warm and cozy!
Courtney's adorable little hat that will go on the top of a wine bottle (and has a matching scarf to go around the bottle neck that she didn't bring)!
How adorable is that? I realize this looks like a regular hat - I should have put a ruler in the picture to give you some perspective.

Also very adorable is Sue's Ribbon Candy ornament that she knitted:
And now it's on the tree in the front window - thanks Sue!
And Sue's felted hat, proving that light colors can felt:
At least the Lamb's Pride in "Creme" does!
Suzanne with her first ever finished project!:
A scarf made from Encore Worsted Colorspun. She's on to her next project now - I think a hat (?).
Stevie's cute little cell phone cases:
Inspired by Twilight (on the left) and Dr. Who (on the right)! And speaking of food (um, ok, so that was a while ago, back up there under the party food description...), Stevie brought these great cookies to the knit in the other night. Butter Pecan Cookies: Take a butter pecan cake mix and mix it with a tub of cool whip and an egg. Put the dough in the fridge to get really cold (becuase it's pretty sticky). Drop onto cookie sheets and bake (I forgot to ask oven temp and time! maybe Stevie will comment on the blog). They were good!
Nancy's Socks!:
She has made all of these since November 25 when she decided to knit a pair for all the people she works with. The balls on the left are the socks yet to be knit but she's knitting away!
Oh, one more thing! Apparently there is a holiday decoration contest going on in the village this weekend (somewhere around the 20th or 21st) for businesses and residences. Maybe the shop will get a prize! (thanks again to Jana's and Jean's wonderful decorating of my windows - if we win, it will be because of their talents).

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All those socks are amazing!