Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guilt knitting

Over the weekend I was frantically working on the swirl scarf, trying to get it done to have as the sample in the shop (for the upcoming class!). I need to finish it, so I can start my next project, the Adult Surprise Jacket. Lots of knitting to get done, and fast. Meanwhile I said something like, "Poor Paul has been waiting for a hat from me for a year and a half." He even picked out some yarn when we were on vacation this past summer. Then Robin said, "How long could it take? You should knit him that hat for Christmas." Then I started feeling all guilty. So, I put down the swirl scarf and knit him the hat:
Made with Berroco Ultra Alpaca. No, I don't have it in the shop. Some day I'd like to have it though! And Robin was right. It didn't take that long.
Once it was done, I was back to work on the swirl scarf. I'm using the Noro Silk Garden Sock and I'm making some good progress!
I finished the first column of 12 swirls and got ready to start the second column when I realized that the colorway to start the first swirl in the second column (next to the first swirl in the second coloumn) was exactly the same as the first swirl in the first column! (did you follow that?) In the picture, you can see the swirl in the bottom right corner is gray with magenta on the outside (the first swirl of the first column). And see the swirl in the bottom left corner? Also gray with magenta. So, I started the second column at the opposite end. Each consecutive swirl in the second, so far, is matching up with the first column's swirls. Noro being somewhat unpredictabl, though.... somewhere it will stop doing this and mess it all up.
I'm DYING to get started on the Adult Surprise Jacket, but I'm trying to restrain myself until I have AT LEAST two of the three column's done on the scarf (which is 8 more swirls). Plus, I was going to knit a pair of the Fetching fingerless gloves for my family secret santa pick.....


Jana said...

Your hat almost looks as nice in the photo as it does in person!

Joan said...

Thank goodness you are going to make the adult surprise jacket--You will make Sue VERY happy!!!!!