Monday, December 21, 2009

Saftey first

Paul was hanging out at the shop on Sunday morning for a little while. He was watching me use the swift and ballwinder and said that it seemed as if I could use some safety glasses because "you never know what can happen." That sparked a whole other conversation about how the fibers fly off the skein when it's being wound and that a dust mask would probably be appropriate as well. He said that this may be especially true when there are a lot of knitters here and there is such a knitting frenzy that fiber will be flying everywhere. Can you see it? Everyone wearing safety glasses and dust masks???? This was coming from the guy who keeps safety glasses in his car because when he walks in and out of work, he has to wear them (he walks through the manufacturing plant to get to his office). Steel toed shoes too. Safety is on his mind.

Meanwhile, I started my Adult Surprise Jacket:

I'm making it with the DiVe Autunno -- a yummily soft merino. So nice to work with. So far, the pattern is going well, after figuring out what my "K" was....

And remember the leg warmers Mandy was modeling? Here are the finished ones, ready for gift -giving:

On the right are leg warmers and scarves for the pups. On the left are hats and scarves for the owners!

Show and Tell:
Robin's myriad of little stockings:

Sally's Log Cabin Blanket:

So bright and colorful - it turned out great!

Karen's mini stockings and her yet to-be-felted gift pouch:


Pam's first pair of socks!

Made with Plymouth Sockin' Sox. She was so proud to have finished them!

Mary's second scarf made in the Weaving class:

Two different colors of Encore - beautiful!

Darla's woven scarf made with two different colors of the Duo:

Also beautiful!

Kathy's Fetching fingerless gloves and leg warmers:
The gloves were made with Cashmerino Aran and the leg warmers were made from her stash yarn. So cozy!
And two cowls Kathy made for her daughters using the Noro Kochoran:

And me modeling one!:
This yarn is so soft and cozy!


Karin said...

Hi Liz!! Please do not wind yarn anywhere near your computer of register....the yarn dust seems to get into the smallest crevices and can shut things down...not good.

Have a great last week of 2009!

Anonymous said...

I love the cowl! ~Heather L