Friday, December 11, 2009

This week's day-off adventure...

.....driving to North Branford, CT to bring Paul's transmission to be fixed. Here is what I did in the car on the way there:
You've already seen this in it's finished form, but for the sake of an interesting post, I wanted to put in some more pictures, especially since this appears to be the only one that came out of the phone! (forgot the camera)
So, no pictures to show you of our next stop, IKEA (!) in New Haven. I'm not a huge fan of the IKEA store set up. Lots of confusion and need for maps=no fun. Although some of their products are nice and affordable so we put up with it. We got this:
Ha! Since my other pictures didn't come out of the phone correctly, you get a picture of the boxes as they are in the shop. Stay tuned for a future blog post when you find out what it is!
And of course, what would one of our trips be without getting some sort of food???? We got IKEA cinnamon buns, hot out of the oven. Oh. My.Gosh. They were good. Seriously, though, how could we help it? There was this big announcement over the loud speaker in the store that they were ready and waiting for us. How could we not? Seriously.
We left at 6:30am and were home by 2:30 pm so Paul could get some work done. Whirlwind trip. (and yes, at some point he/we will go back to pick up the transmission!.... and maybe more cinnamon buns)
Show and Tell:
Here is Naomi:
Is that not the most adorable hat you've ever seen???? Flora made this for her and she loves it!

And here is Kathy's Cable Cap that she made in class and has now embellished with a pansy!
Also adorable!

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