Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's that time of year....again.

6 months just flew by. Here I am, getting ready for inventory....again. Seems like Paul and I just did it (it was the end of June). Luckily, this year I have Jana and Yvette to help too! I hope that means it will take less time (plus we're working on it during store hours, so that's less time Paul and I spend during non-store hours on New Year's Day). Lots and lots and lots of counting. Of everything.

I've been working frantically on my Adult Surprise Jacket. I think it's about 3/4 done!:

I have another 3 inches to knit for the length, then picking up a million stitches for the front band, then picking up stitches to make the arms long enough. I don't think I'll be done by Jan 1 which was my in-my-head goal. (maybe if I'm done with the inventory, I'll have time on Jan 1 to knit!...)

Show and Tell:
Mary Jane's very cute fruit hat for her 4 month old granddaughter:

Karin's hat that she made for her son to wear at college:

Jan's warm and squooshy scarf (made from The Knit Stitch Book) made with Duo:

Annie's collection of cowl's, made for her co-workers:

5 made, 6 more to go!

Nancy's Bella's Mittens:

Made with Katia Peru - warm and toasty!

Amy's (I'm sorry if I got your name wrong - I'm pretty sure it's Amy!) Star Crossed Slouchy Beret:

Made with Noro Kureyon - adorable!

Trudi's beautiful shawl/scarf from the Swing Swagger and Drape book:

Made with Cascade 220 Heathers adn Noro Silk Garden.

And Trudi's adorable hat made for an upcoming newborn:


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