Monday, November 3, 2008

Turning the clocks

As you know, we turned the clocks back this weekend. I reminded the Sunday class participants so they wouldn't show up "early". I turned the clocks back at home. I turned them back at the store right when I got there on Sunday. Did I turn it back in my car? No. As a result, I got in the car to do errands this morning, looked at the time (9:00am), and thought: "Huh. I didn't think it took me THAT long to get ready." Then as I was driving up the street, I saw a kid waiting for the bus and I thought: "Huh. I didn't think school started THAT late." Then, I got to the bank at 9:15 and saw the teller getting out of her car and thought: "Huh. She's late today." Then I saw the bank manager standing outside the door and she said "Can I help you?" and I warily said "Well, I want to make a deposit..." and she said "Ok, we open at 8:30." It was the most disorienting moment. I said, "Ok, I'll come back." And then realized about the clock. Der. I went to Wal-Mart first.

So, while I'm out running my errands, I see something I don't recall ever seeing before:

A negative political lawn sign. I've seen negative commercials etc, but usually I just see signs promoting one candidate or another. I've never seen one like this. Huh.
Also while on my errands, I finally stopped to take this picture, which I've been meaning to do for some time. They paved Rt. 156 going up the hill toward Knox recently. It was a relief to finally have a nice smooth road. Brand new. No bumps or potholes. But then there's this:
Ha! Cracked me up. Can you imagine the person painting, getting to this point and then realizing there's no going back?

The store was very busy Sunday with two classes: Spinning on a drop spindle and Continental knitting. Both classes were full and were a big hit. Here are pics of the drop spindlers...
and their pretty, plied, skeins:

I'm off to knit my Silk Rhapsody scarf. I think I'm almost done. Then I'm going to try my cashmere sock yarn. And then the Ribble Scarf kit from Woodstock Knits (with yummy, soft alpaca). And then....

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