Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

And so start the holiday rituals...

1) Watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: favorite part? Franklin trying to sit in the chair and then only being able to peer over the edge of the table. To this day, I reference "the Franklin chair" when trying to struggle with a folding chair. I tell ya, these things stay with you (as many of you know from all of my Brady Bunch references). And popcorn, toast and jelly beans for Thanksgiving. Shouldn't it be that simple?

2) Thanksgiving at my aunt's (every other year). Get there late morning. Eat appetizers until 2. Eat dinner. Go for a walk to visit the tree she planted in memory of my grandfather. Picks names from a hat to buy presents for Christmas. Eat dessert. Go home. (All the while catching up with family I haven't seen all year, of course!)

3) Put up holiday decorations at home the weekend of Thanksgiving. Little lighted village, garland, lighted deer on the lawn. Tree comes a little later.

My landlord just stopped by to say he hired someone to decorate the outside of my building! YAY!!!! They already did the apartments next door and it looks great. I'm going to be working on decorating my shop windows this weekend if I can.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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