Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Projects

I finished the Silk Rhapsody scarf:

I love it! It is so soft and warm.

Here is what I'm working on now...
Socks with Art Yarns Cashmere Sock Yarn:
Wow. This is really nice yarn. And it feels so nice knitted up. I'm deciding if this is something that would sell, so I will have them on display for you to see/feel and give me your opinion.

The Ribbled Scarf kit from Woodstock Knits:
The kit comes with alpaca yarn and a pattern, packaged in a cute box. It's hard to see the pattern in this picture, but it is a 2X2 rib with garter stitch borders and reversible cables. It's very nice! More of these will be in the shop soon along with other kits (market bag, shawl and socks).
Nothing else too exciting going on, other than we have a new president. What a nice change. (Ha - get it? CHANGE.) That's about as political as I'll get on this blog.

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