Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another great blog

I found another great blog and have put it on the list to the right... or you can click here:

Check it out. In addition to her blog entries, on the left side of her blog there are free patterns, and patterns for sale. She also has a section called "My helpful tips" with, among other things, a great description of picking up gusset stitches for a sock here:

In other news, I got completely overwhelmed by the Euro Yarns yarn rep today... he was here to show me yarns for SPRING. Can you believe it? There were so many nice things. Again, SO hard to decide. Lots of cotten blends. Some froofy silk yarn - VERY pretty. Two new Mirasol yarns which I loved. Stay tuned. They won't be here until February or later....

Put my Woodstock Knits Ribble scarf on hold so I could start the Woodstock Knits alpaca leaf lace shawl. It goes MUCH faster than the scarf since it is knit double. This would be a terrific holiday gift for this reason alone - ok and that the alapaca is just so wonderfully, yummily soft. These should be coming to the shop soon, and can also be seen at the trunk show Dec 3 (4-8:30pm)!

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