Monday, August 24, 2009

The Altamont Fair

Wow - long time no blog! It's been a little busy for me since I got back from vacation and the Altamont Fair was one of the reasons.
On Tuesday, the first day of the fair, Yvette, Sue and I went to the Dog Magic tent to knit dog sweaters and generally promote the shop. It was a little slow that day but we met a few people and Eileen Testo, the organizer of Dog Magic, was nice enough to allow me to leave my sign and my business cards at the tent the next day! Yvette, Sue and I still had fun knitting and chatting and watching some of the dog events. Sue came decked out in all of her dog fashions! She had on a shirt with a dog on it, 3 or 4 bracelets that were dog themed, dog earrings and a knitting bag with a dog on it. (there may have been more, I just couldn't remember them all!). And, of course, in my infinite organizational wisdom, I forgot to bring my camera!

Later in the week, on Saturday, when I DID remember my camera, I went to watch the Spinning Bee and present the prizes (roving and Eucalan donated by the shop!).
The drop spindle winner, Christine Sitterly:

And the Spinning Wheel winner, :
And all the participants, with Jaye Nakamura who worked tirelessly all week to make the events at the wool nook go smoothly!:

It was SO hot in the wool nook that day, the pipes in the barn were sweating:
I also got some shots of the items that were judged:
And here are many of the items that Spinning Room Customers entered:
Look at all the ribbons? How great is that???? Start planning what you'll enter next year!

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