Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yarn galore!

TONS of yarn came in this week and the store is in horrible disarray! Come see! Lots of moving things around, setting up new shelves to make more room. It's a good thing --- more yarns for you to choose from. It just might take me a little time to get it all shelved and organized!

Bulky and super bulky are big (no pun intended) this season so I have several new ones. Here are some "quick mitts" made by Pat in the Big Softie super bulky:

She knit one of these mitts in 45 minutes! That's how super bulky is -- nice and fast. I've also got a variegated, thick and thin super bulky called Expression. Both have great patterns to go with them. AND, don't miss out on the new Pike yarn (pom pom and eyelash blend) --lots of bright colors, fun fun fun to knit with (once you get used to it) and great for kids scarves:

This scarf took me about an hour and a half to knit!

Plus, if you 've been in the shop in the past couple of weeks, you may haven notice the bucket of chocolate has been sadly lacking. Well, I've fixed that:

In other news, Paul and I are building a tool shed (pics to follow). Here's the thing - he loves to work after work. I love to relax after work. (I think I've talked about this before!) But we need to do a lot of this together and there's only so much daylight these days, so now I have to work after work. I get a little cranky. He's very tolerant. So far, we have the base made and the walls framed. One more easy part - sheathing on the outside of the walls. Then the harder part comes -- rafters and roof. Ugh. We both don't like heights....

Show and Tell:
My thrummed mitten is done!

I love how it came out - it is so warm and comfortable. The second one will be done during the class that will be on the schedule for the next session of classes...

And, I've FINALLY finished my mom's cashmere socks. The second pair. After the first pair didn't fit last Christmas.

Yay! She will be so happy. (I know they fit this time because I had her try the first one on before i closed the toe.)

And here is Nancy in her Thorpe Hat (earflap hat):

It came out great! These hats are quick to knit (with bulky yarn) and so comfortable.

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Karin said...

I'll be out Wednesday afternoon with more yarn, as requested. :)

Do you have the thrummed mitten pattern for sale? Pretty please?