Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation, Part 3 (the final part)

And then, we were on to Ohio to the National Trails Raceway and the Buick Performance Group Nationals drag racing event!
Here are my traveling buddies:
Hubby Paul on the right, his good friend Rob in the middle, and Rob's dad, Raymond on the left.
Lots of knitting done on my Woodstock Knits Terrific in Tweed Cardigan on the ride out (12 hours). NO knitting done the whole time I was there! It was too hot during the day and I was way too tired at night. So, I read and did crossword puzzles and sudoku. Nice and relaxing. In between these, I watched Paul race and acted as his "pit crew", which involves writing the numbers on his car, helping him take the hood off the car when he needs to adjust something with the engine and bringing water to him in the staging lanes when he has to wait a long time.
Here he is waiting in the staging lanes:
At the starting line:
Going down the track:
Winning!!!!! (ok, you can't really tell here that he has won, but if you could see the numbers on the boards and knew about drag racing, you would know.) He won two of his three races. Very exciting!
The cool thing about this particular event is that they had a Buick GSX reunion. There were approximately 850 of these cars made over three years (1970-1972) and 93 of them came to this event. Pretty neat. Here they are:
(Yes, most of them were made in yellow or white)
On Saturday, after I helped out at the t-shirt booth, Paul and I went to find yarn shops. First we went to find YarnMarket (of and :
We found it but it appeared they did not have an actual store (the website seemed to indicate they did) and it was just offices which were closed. Next stop was The Yarn Shop (sound familiar to the Geneva trip?), which I forgot to take a picture of! It was a very nice store and was one of two owned by the same woman. The other was on the other side of town. I bought some Lorna's Laces sock yarn. (again, I haven't taken pictures yet but will post all my yarn purchases from my vacation in another post).
And here is one of the main reasons I went to Ohio:
Cherry (or raspberry) shaved ice! Soooooo yummy and very refreshing on a hot day.
Before leaving the track on the last day, Paul left his slicks (racing tires) since they were "done" and Raymond left his chair since it was "done". But we had to take this photo op!:
Very little knitting done on the way home ----- we left at 4am and I spent much of the ride home sleeping!

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