Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation, Part 2

We went out to the Finger Lakes region, to Geneva, NY and Seneca Lake. It is such a beautiful part of the state. We stayed at a place called Bellhurst which is a hotel and a winery right on the lake.
(There was a wedding taking place the day we arrived).
They have a couple of different buildings for lodging and we stayed at the White Springs Manor, about 2 miles from the lake.
Here is the view from our room:
And the picture on the wall right outside our room of Bellhurst way back when:
We took a tour of Fox Run winery:
We also just sat at the bar in the hotel, had a few drinks and enjoyed the view:
(this picture doesn't do it justice). They had the comfiest bar chairs --- cushioned, swivelly and they rocked! (literally, they rocked back and forth)
We also ate breakfast at a yummy little cafe that Joan T. recommended:
And went to The Yarn Shop! It was very nice shop with lots of nice yarn. I got some Claudia Handpaint Lace and more.... pics to come in a later post...
We went for long walks along the lake front and in general, just relaxed. It was such a nice time. We took Route 7 all the way home. Again, like the drive out, much more interesting than I-88, but no yarn shop sightings.
Then we got ready for Ohio.....

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