Monday, August 24, 2009

Lace-a-long Finale

Saturday was the end of the summer lace-a-long. We had good participation throughout the summer with several people being able to make it each Saturday morning. We had three people come this Saturday to show their progress:

Cathy is getting close to finishing her tunic, made with the Linares:

This yarn is so pretty (the picture doesn't do it justice) and feels so nice and soft.

Kathy showed her progress on her Friendship Shawl and reported she is a little over halfway done:

She's making this with the Silky Wool. Kathy made great progress considering she is also working on several other projects at the same time!

And here is Stephanie (the originator of the idea for the lace-a-long) with her Laminaria shawl:

That's Zachary with her - he came to the lace-a-longs too, ever since he was 2 weeks old! Thanks to Stephanie for the idea and for bringing yummy cookies to the lace-a-long finale.

And finally, here is my finished Terrific In Tweed Cardigan (with lace rib pattern):

Love how it came out - it's very soft and warm! This is a new-for-fall Woodstock Knits Kit that will be available as a special order very soon (waiting for the color card).

Working on a knit-a-long project for the fall --- possibly the Wonderfully Wallaby....

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