Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another thing I did today....

Like I needed something else to do... but I couldn't wait to try dyeing sock yarn! Class coming up in January for this kind - the Louet kit. Another class in March to dye the Happy Choices scarf blanks.
Undyed yarn, soaked and waiting for color:
Color #1, a dark blue-ish:
Color #2, a reddish:
Forgot to take a picture of color #3, an orange-ish. Der.
Everything in a bag, in the microwave for 8 minutes:

Hang to dry:
Closer look at the colors, including the orange:
Pretty, pretty. SO. DARN. COOL. What fun to dye your own yarn?
Can't wait to rinse, then dry again, so I can knit a sock. I'm a teeny tiny bit concerned that I got some of the yarn tangled since I had to turn the skeins over each time I put on a new color (to get it on all sides), but we'll see.
Sign up for the class soon. After today, I'm realizing I need to limit the class to 4 and one spot is already filled! (also need to sign up soon so I can order the kits!)

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