Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter is here...

For those of you who have not been to the home page of the website yet, here is the new home page picture:

Pretty, huh? Nice winter-y picture. Doesn't it make the store look homey and cozy and inviting? I took this last night. That was before today --- What a yucky day! The snow was pretty, but then it rained and now it's sleeting and things are just a mess outside. The Baby Surprise Jacket class is likely to be cancelled because it's only supposed to get worse. I think I'm supposed to get some yarn today - I hope the UPS truck gets through!

Speaking of yarn, look at what I got yesterday:

Pretty, pretty Lace Merino by Ella Rae. Beautifully soft superwash merino. Great for socks, but it has a great pattern book with some cute boleros, cardigans and vests. Look for this to be used in the upcoming Clapotis class, too!

Had to share this Yarn Harlot post...
For those of you knitting for holiday gifts, she's got some good tips!

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