Monday, December 8, 2008

A little bit on overload...

I have so many knitting projects to do, I don't know what to do first! I'm still working on my double knitted scarf, for the class I'm offering in Jan. I'm working on hats for my nephews for Christmas, plus some other Christmas projects. I'm starting a Baby Surprise Jacket for the class this Thursday. I've still got the Woodstock Ribble Scarf to finish. I've got a lace scarf to do for an upcoming class. Plus, Paul keeps telling me how much he loves his felted slippers and how warm they are and that I should really just make some time to make some for myself. Plus I have my top down sweater and Logan River Wrap still in the works. I'm dying to finish those so I can wear them! The top down sweater is made with the Kathmadu Aran and I'd love to show it to customers to show them how great the yarn is.

On top of all the knitting, I've got all the ordering of yarn to do. Thank goodness it's been busy at the store - and that means ordering more yarn! AND I've got to get the upcoming class schedule out. So, as the title of this blog notes, I'm a little bit on overload. My days off this week are not really going to be days off. It's nice to do all my computer and ordering stuff at home, though. The stool at the shop is not conducive to 2-3 hours of computer work. Nice, comfy chair at home.

The shop was busy on Saturday with two rather large classes. We had 8 participants in the mini stocking ornament class in the morning - big success! VERY cute little stockings. A reminder that there are still openings in our third installment of this class this Saturday, December 13 1:00-3:30!!! In the afternoon, we had 10 participants in the felted gift pouch class. Thanks again to Robin and Joan who donated their time to teach this class so 100% of the class fee could go to the family we adopted this holiday season. And thanks to those who took the class so we could donate their fee! The family is going to have a great holiday thanks to you and the many others who have made donations.

Off to knit, then work on the class schedule! Ooh, and tomorrow is Christmas shopping with Paul. That will be a nice break.

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