Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hats all around....and a scarf.

My Christmas hats were a big hit! Here are my three nephews, Nicholas (top), Evan (in front of Nicholas), my dad (the adult) and Matthew (next to my dad) all wearing their gifts:
Nicholas and Matthew wore their hats all day, even in the house.
And my Noro striped scarf was a big hit with my mom!:
I didn't get a picture of her wearing it (aside from one where her face isn't showing) -- I'm not really sure why except that I was focused on the fact that I forgot to take a picture of the finished scarf before I wrapped it for her and I wanted to make sure I had a picture of the finished project for my projects page on Ravelry and for the blog. But, I will say that it looks GREAT on her and they are "her" colors. I didn't get many pictures in general on Christmas -- I guess just my general lack of organization around anything not related to the store these days.
My next post will be all about the adventures of doing end-of-year store inventory! RIVETING subject matter. Riveting.

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