Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I finished the Eco Wook DK Beret and it came out great. This picture doesn't do it justice - you can't really see the color differences -- it's made with natural, brown and gray (this picture makes it look like three shades of gray). When it's flat, it just doesn't look as nice. I tried taking a picture of myself with it on, but that was a disaster. If I'm ambitious, I'll put it on a styrofoam head in the store. Or wait until I've done my hair and put a little makeup on. It's really cute, though.
Also, thought I'd post a picture of my dahlia bush. Many of you have commented on the flowers in the store and I've told you about the monstrous bush that grew even though we planted the bulb late. There are a ton of flowers on it now, and many, many more buds. I hope the frost doesn't come too soon so we can continue to enjoy them..

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